After Warhol


Description of my BA – Project 2013

The inspiration for this project was found in the art and working methods of Andy Warhol. The way he elevates everyday objects that tells about the culture and time in which he lived in and turned it into art, inspired me to choose a typical everyday item that tells something characteristic for 2013. I chose the “Plastic card”. The cards we pay with, our proof of identification or the cards that makes us a member of a certain club. I felt that plastic cards are very characteristic for modern culture.

The following part of the project was about experimenting with “the card” both in relation to the silhouette, printing and decoration.

Warhol and the Plastic card


Design Process 

Collage Card + Body



Pattern development 1



Pattern development 2




Pattern combination experimentmønster-animation-BA



Silhouette development



Outfit combination – Silhouette, Print and Decoration comes together




Final Outcome

model 1

postkort 1



L_003815 lille redi

20130807_173859fernisering 3 copy




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